Golf Instructors

Marta Prieto, Golf Instructor and player of the Ladies European Tour (LET) coordinates the whole golf programme at our camps and courses. Marta was champion of the British Amateur Open in 2001 and has been playing in the Ladies European Tour for eight years, having been in the top ten on 18 occasions.

Marta designs all our technical golf courses, as well as teaching the instructors responsible for each camp/course her methodology so that the courses are perfectly delivered.

Instructors and Directors

The children will be accompanied by the instructors at all times throughout the day at the camps. It is not enough for our instructors and teachers to just have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge on the activity, we select instructors and teachers who are good with children and can establish a trusting relationship which guarantees' the satisfaction of both parents and children.

The directors of each camp will also be supervising the work that goes into the courses at all times.

Methodology and Teaching

The methodology of the camp programme follows the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) teaching system, a multi-sport based innovative teaching technique for golf.

In this way, we ensure quality training based on professional methodology.

This programme includes:

  • Physical conditioning sessions.
  • Technical coaching on the driving range
  • Personalised video swing analysis sessions
  • Practical rules course taught by Fernando Pascual del Pobil, international RFEG referee
  • Practice on 9 and 18-hole courses
  • Various individual, partner and team Match and Stroke Play competitions. There will be an awards ceremony at the end of the camp
  • The children will be divided into groups according to their handicap.

Participants will need to have their golf federation licence.